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About Horizon

Horizon is a summer camp for middle and high school students on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. The team of youth ministers who are leading Horizon have led two separate camps at Oklahoma Christian in past years as a part of CampOC.  Those camps were called Zenith and Cornerstone. For over 25 years Oklahoma Christian hosted us for Zenith and Cornerstone.

As the original leadership team who established Zenith and Cornerstone in past years moved out of youth ministry and into other areas of ministry, current youth ministers decided to launch a new camp called Horizon.  It will be similar in format to what Zenith and Cornerstone have been in recent years.  The Horizon leadership team brings many years of camp leadership experience with Zenith, Cornerstone, and other camps as well. 

At Horizon, we will have times of worship, fun, encouragement, Bible study, time to meet other students and time to serve others.

We are grateful to our host campus, Oklahoma Christian University.  Oklahoma Christian has excellent facilities for camp: indoor and outdoor recreation areas, a great cafeteria, athletic facilities, auditoriums, classrooms, and dorms.  These facilities along with a close relationship between Horizon and Oklahoma Christian, give us a great opportunity to have a week of camp in a safe and fun environment. 

We are excited for this inaugural year of Horizon.  And we are thankful to Oklahoma Christian University for serving as host for our camp. 

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