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To help assure a great and healthy camp experience for all our campers, we ask ALL campers to comply with the following guidelines while on campus.   Failure to comply with these guidelines and instructions by camp staff are grounds for immediate dismissal from camp.  Horizon directors reserve the right to dismiss students in violation of these guidelines at any time during the camp week with no refund.

1. The use of tobacco, vaping devices, alcohol, illegal drugs in any form is strictly forbidden. Proper authorities will be called if illegal substances are discovered.

2. Portable electronic devices including cell phones, electronic tablets, earbuds, laptops, etc., are not allowed.

3. No weapons, pocket knives, fireworks are allowed on campus.


4. Modest clothing should be worn at all times.  Also, clothing with inappropriate sayings, short shorts, mini-skirts, or halter tops are not allowed.


5. All students must remain on campus during the camp week. Students may NOT check in and out.


6. Parents and visitors are not allowed in dorm residence areas at any time including check-in and check-out.  This is because we are not able to have people in the residence halls who have not gone through a background check and proper screening.  We are not able to go through the screening process or background check for all parents who might like to go into the residence halls during check-in or check-out. 

7. Students cannot drive cars on or around campus during the camp week. Cars must be parked for the week in a designated parking area.  Groups are encouraged to arrive on campus together.

8. Food fights and food games are prohibited in the campus cafeteria.

9. Students are to show respect for counselors, staff, and employees of Oklahoma Christian University.


10. All illness or injury must be immediately reported to the camp medical office.

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