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Information for Youth Ministers looking for a camp for their church

Horizon is planned and carried out by full-time youth ministers currently serving at churches of Christ in Oklahoma and Texas.  If you are a youth minister who is looking for a summer camp for your church, we have room for additional youth groups to be a part of Horizon. 


Youth ministers who come to Horizon are involved in all aspects of camp.   There are around 15 youth ministers who are currently a part of the planning and facilitating of camp.  Each youth minister helps camp to be better by bringing their individual talents and abilities and their love for the Lord.


We believe camp is a great opportunity to mentor and guide students, and involvement by our youth ministers is important.  This is not a camp to come and drop your students off and then pick them up at the end of the week.  (We do have some individual campers who are dropped off, but for students coming with their youth group, we want their youth minister to be a part of camp.)  We think this is the best way to do camp, and we are happy for other youth ministers to join us in the planning and facilitating of Horizon. 


One more thing: many of the youth ministers who come to camp each year bring their families with them.  If you are wanting to go to camp and not have to leave your family at home, Horizon is a place you can come.  Youth ministers stay in the University House dorms at Oklahoma Christian.  Your family would have a suite to yourself.  This is definitely a camp you can come to as a family.  


Whether your church is big or small, we would be glad for you to join us.  Please reach out to Tyler Cope or Monty McCulley using the "CONTACT" link in the menu of this webpage to find out more.

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