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Why can’t my camper bring their cell phone?

We know that in today's culture many of our campers and parents stay in daily communication via cell phones. We also understand the trust that you are placing in us by allowing your camper to come to camp without their cell phone, and want to make sure you understand why we have this policy.


We believe that there is a very real value in your camper spending a week unplugged and disconnected from their digital lives. We believe that taking time off from our phones, computers, social media, video games, etc. can open up the space in our minds and hearts to hear and feel God at work.

If there were any situations regarding your camper while at camp that you need to be made aware of (medical issues, severe homesickness, etc.) we will call you.


We have learned after many years of camp a few things about our campers…

  • It’s much easier to focus on the purpose of the camp (growing closer to God) if we minimize distractions

  • Calling home creates homesickness not only for the camper calling home, but also for those who know they talked to their parents in their group.

  • Friendships and connections are easier to make when digital distractions are minimized. 
  • We have a full schedule, and don’t have time to let everyone phone home.


Bottom line, the no cell phone and no digital devices guideline is to help each of our campers UNPLUG from distractions and focus on their personal relationship with the one who created them.

Who will my camper room with?

Dorm assignments are made by each campers youth minister. If a camper is coming on their own (not with their youth group) we will group them with other campers who are coming as individual campers.

What if my camper has dietary restrictions?

The cafeteria is able to accommodate campers who are gluten-free or have other common allergies.   If your son/daughter has a unique need, talk to your child's youth minister (if your child is coming with a youth group) or use the contact link on this website (if your child is coming as an individual camper.)

What if my camper must take medication?

Campers requiring medication to be dispensed while at camp must provide written instructions to camp medical team at check-in.   Required medicines will be dispensed by a medical team member.  No camper is allowed to self-medicate prescribed substances.

What if my camper gets sick while at camp?

Our medical team is at camp to dispense prescribed medication and provide basic first aid care.

Any camper who has symptoms of illness or discomfort will have their temperature taken to assist with any evaluation of their health and well-being. No over-the-counter medications will be distributed by our medical team without verbal consent from a parent or guardian. Parents will be consulted in the case of an injury or if a camper develops symptoms or situations beyond basic first aid care.  Any camper who becomes contagious while at camp (including a fever) must be withdrawn and picked up from camp as quickly as reasonably possible by a parent. guardian, or a mutually approved adult for the safety of all camp participants.

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