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Information for Individual Campers Families

If you are a parent who is looking for a summer camp for your son/daughter, we do have space available for individual campers.  Most campers come to Horizon with their youth groups, but we want all students - whether they have a youth group to go to camp with or not - to be able to have a great summer camp to go to.  We believe Horizon will be a great week, and we are glad for your son/daughter to join us.

Before you sign your son/daughter up for camp, we want you to know these things:


  • We are committed to helping students know and live out the Gospel of Jesus.  We believe true life is found in a relationship with Jesus, and we want to help all students know the Lord and walk with Him daily.

  • We have high expectations of students.  We expect campers to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to the safety, focus, and unity of all students and volunteers.  We expect students to be involved in all camp activities, be positive in their attitude, and have actions which are encouraging to others.

  • The camp policies can be found here: Horizon Camp Policies.   Please make sure you know these before signing your son/daughter up for camp. 

  • Check-in takes place starting at 3pm on Sunday, June 23, at the University House located on the Oklahoma Christian Campus.  Check-out will be the morning of Friday, June 28, at the Garvey Center on the Oklahoma Christian Campus. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the CONTACT tab in the menu of this webpage. 

You can reach the registration page by clicking here: REGISTER FOR HORIZON

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